Fulfillment Subscription Service


Studio shoot for your products
Deliveries for all orders of your brand
Quality & order requirement check before dispatching
Live inventory updates
A warehouse to safely store your products

We have seen many young entrepreneurs & local brands emerge on social media in the past few years. Online shopping flourished and thus social media marketing was highly required. Here is were we, Fashion HQ, came in to form the biggest online shopping platform in Bangladesh providing a common website to many flourishing pages and bringing them under one roof so customers and brands could connect easily and brands could properly exhibit their products with more details. We also promoted their products on our page constantly with stories and feed posts and connected upto 50+ local brands all across Bangladesh. To help and encourage more brands to grow we have now formed our FULFILLMENT SUBSCRIPTION SERVICES.

Here, local brands are given many new features which they might not have access to earlier. Our team provides services like a secure warehouse, quality inspection, packaging, deliveries and product shoots. Availing our services will help the brand to work more effectively and will reduce the pressure of handling their brand to a great extend. In short, we will provide all the necessities a brand needs under one roof.

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